We Need Your Help

Welcome to the Greater Richmond Dance Project

The Greater Richmond Dance Project (GRDP) aims to enrich the lives of the Greater Richmond community through the art of Ballroom Dance. I have been very fortunate to reach so many people on the dance floors at Rigby's Jig, but I've always wanted to do more. I am a Richmond native and love our amazing city, but there's only one thing missing--there's not enough dancing here! Dancing is such a rich and dynamic activity that provides numerous benefits to our health, our mind, and our spirit. Whenever people see a couple dancing the Cha Cha or the Waltz, they are affected by its power. I want more people to feel that power and experience those benefits. GRDP aims to provide access, exposure and opportunity to more people, many of whom may not have ever stepped foot on a dance floor.

GRDP has several initiatives we plan to execute to fulfill our mission including:

Special Needs Organizations

GRDP has started a new relationship with Jacob's Chance and is offering weekly classes to some of their participants. Beth and Debbie have been co-teaching the series and Preslee-Anne has even jumped in to help with music! These classes focus on basic movement and partnering to help the young adults get used to the concepts of moving freely to the music, following basic step patterns and connecting with a partner. Visit JacobsChance.org to learn more about this organization!

GRDP has another upcoming set of classes with Miracles in Motion! This is a wonderful local organization and GRDP is thrilled to offer some Ballroom, Swing and Line Dancing to the participants. You all may have seen these amazing children beebop around to the beat and feel the music on Tuesday evenings! We are excited they want to continue their classes with us! Check out MiraclesInMotionVa.org to learn more about this wonderful organization!

New Year's Eve & Showcase Fundraisers at Rigby's Jig

This year's New Year's Eve Party and Winter Showcase were fundraisers for The Greater Richmond Dance Project. Both events were a great success and we are proud to report that New Year's raised $450 and Winter Showcase raised $875 for GRDP!

After School Enrichment

GRDP has another set of After School Enrichment Classes at Greenwood Elementary School in Henrico County underway! The program was a great hit in the fall and we are excited to have the opportunity to offer them again at this great school! Eleanor taught the faculty and staff a Salsa Line Dance that they performed with some of the after school enrichment kids at a recent pep rally! Check out the video HERE. It's just so awesome to see dance play a major role in such a joyful event for school-aged kids. GRDP even has a dance class scheduled with the fathers and daughters leading up to the Daddy Daughter Dance in March!

The word is spreading about these opportunities for schools to enrich their environment with Ballroom and Partner dance--we have other schools signed up to get involved! If you know of a school you think might be interested in partnering with GRDP, please email us at Eleanor@DanceRichmond.org.